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Black Legion., Northern Coalition., and the Might Confederation of xXPIZZAXx have their way with CFC forces. Without any lubricant.

Oh man, the fights last night were epic.  Okay, so I know I haven’t posted on here in forever, and I’ve been meaning to update I swear!  I figure this story is just as good as any to get me going again.

For the last week we’ve been getting :gudfites: and having fun destroying CFC fleets as they scrambled to protect something like 15 tech moons they had dropped small towers at.  Yes you read that right, SMALL towers.  Fucking Helen Keller would be a better Internet Spaceship tactician than these guys sometimes.  We’ve been having a blast shooting towers to get fights, only to mess with their stront timers when they don’t show, or win a fight then run off to the next tower while they ping jabber for more dudes.

So last night we (Black Legion.) formed up our usual 0220 Muninn fleet, expecting more of the same, except this time we have the PIZZA guys come join us.  I was expecting :fail: but to their credit, they were on it and had great fleet discipline – props to you and my bad for judging you before the fight guys =).  Anywho, we also have been temp blueing NCdot to get fights.  Actually, it’s better to say we have been holding their hand in the USTZ.

My Alliance mate Wiebles wrote up a good BR on Kugu, so I will post it here rather than relate it in my own words, as I should be working right now rather than blogging.

As always, we spent the greater part of Monday waiting for our normal form up in the USTZ evening but tonight was going to be far from normal. We received intel that goons had a drake and caps fleet in N6G-H3 reinforcing NCdot tech towers. Elo knight decided to form the fleet earlier than normal because these caps were not going to just sit around for us. We got into our token munnin fleet and burned the few jumps to N6G-H3; but as soon as arrived the cap fleet bailed out and ran home. We then proceeded to attempt to find the drake fleet but they were bouncing safes so fast we could not pin them down. At this point, NCdot, also in a munnin/tornado fleet, joined us on the 9-22 gate waiting for the reinforcements we knew were coming. Once they arrived, the first in a series of goon welps began. They warped in their 40 drake N6G fleet as the 80 drake reinforcement fleet came in and we proceeded to destroy them.

Here is the battle report, and a video is here.

This rapage on the part of BL and NCdot made Goon leaders very angry so they burned home to swap out to Alpha fleet. At the same time, BL burned to a tech tower that had come out of reinforce and put it right back in. Then we headed home preparing for the Alpha fleet that was still forming up, wondering where they might be headed.

In fact they were headed back to N6G-H3 to try and finish what they started earlier, they still had 1 more tech tower to reinforce. As we formed up, we were informed that they had brought in their cap fleet again. This time however we were prepared and they were not going to get away unscathed. The cyno was lit and the supers jumped in right on top of the dread and carrier fleet as the dictors were bridged in dropping bubbles on most of CFC capitals. They attempted to get away but caps were going to die tonight.

A video from the supers POV.

At the same time, the tengu fleet warped into keep the CFC subcaps off of our supers. However, due to the lack of coordination between NCdot and Blegion this time around we were unable to break CFC reps (30 scimis on the field) and Black Legion lost a number of tengus. But in the end, it was all worth it as 13 CFC dreads, died over 32 billion ISK in damage.

The battle report is here.

The supers fought hard but CFC was beginning to form their own supers and titan fleet very quickly and we needed to get out. They CFC was very light on tackle as -A- had bombed their fleet back in 92-D so we were able to warp the supers and bailed with the subcap fleet, sending everyone back home. It was a job well done all around. We thought this was the end.

Only an hour later, Elo Knight and Soho Torres both pipe up on comms that there is another Alpha fleet forming to kill a NC. tech tower in SS-GED and we wanted to have at them again. We reformed our tengu fleet and burned into position on a titan. This time however we were better organized and they were not going to get the upper hand on us twice. Cyno was lit and we bridged in but Lake (the CFC fc) wanted nothing to do with us. He tried to run but there is no running from the King in the North. We landed on top of CFC fleet but once again it seemed that reps were going to hold. Friendly recons were blapped the moment we landed but we were not discouraged. Our anchor burned us right on top of their fleet and we let loose the fury. Just as it seemed that even fury could not break their reps, -A- bombed the scimis of the enemy fleet, disrupting their ability to rep. Maelstroms began to drop 1 by 1 and we knew the field was ours. After numerous deaths, Lake took his fleet of the field, waiting for reinforcement. NCdot and Black Legion brought in reps for the tech tower. But just as we felt the rape was over, Lake brought his fleet back in. What he didn’t know is we were bringing in more recons to make sure they would not leave this time. The field began to fill with wrecks as numerous maelstroms began to die, some of which were pilots that had reshipped from the first fight. Lake tried his best to fight with his fleet but in the end realized that he would win this night. He warped what was left of his fleet off the field and CFC either went home or logged off.

The battle report for SS-GED is here.  Video to come.

After nearly 6 hours time, and nearly 50 billion isk in damage to the CFC, Black Legion and NC. knew that this night was finally over.


Quite possibly the most winningest pew I’ve ever had in a single night.

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February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

I haven’t posted on here in a while, things have changed.

At the moment, however, I am in Black Legion., living in Venal, and we are going after a tower and possibly supers tonight. And I just ate a half 8th of mushrooms. This should be fun =)

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Rainy Days and Pot Brownies

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Fun times were had.

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What to do…

October 10, 2011 2 comments

I know I don’t post here too often, hell I don’t even know if anyone reads this.  But alas here’s another one.

So remember how I mentioned I had joined a pirate corp?  No?  Well I did, and then I got my Thanatos!  So myself and and like 3-4 other guys, who also had carriers, moved out to Stain to do hotdrops and Blops drops.  Or rather, they moved out and I joined them as soon as I was jump drive capable.  The first day I got my carrier, they were out there and totally caught an Archon belt ratting.  I was unfortunately stuck in lowsec with an unfit Thanatos as Black Frog had not made the delivery of my capital ship mods & fighters yet.  The next night they Blops’d a couple of ships, which prompted me to sell my Navy Geddon and get myself a Blops right then.

Now, maybe a week later or so, we are leaving stain.  And guess what?!  I got no kills while out there!  I did help kill an officer rat, but it was kind of a shitty drop.  Did get 150m out of it though.

Anywho, the CEO of this small corp got us invitations to Merciless. alliance’s No.Mercy corp.  It was real quick.  In the meantime I wasn’t sure I liked Stain and had been talking to a recruiter in a Goonswarm corp.  Wuss had given him my name and is considering joining.  Not sure if I want to be a goon, but the fact that I might have a chance to use my shiny new carrier in combat is alluring.  On the other hand, these No.Mercy guys seem like a badass group of pvp’ers, small and elite.  I need to look and see if they have any videos I supppose.

I don’t know where to go.  I bought the carrier because I wanted to be able to try out some of the cap warfare and I haven’t even done a single hotdrop yet.  Maybe I’m being impatient, but yeah.  However, Merciless sounds like the type of elite group I’ve always wanted to be a part of.  I am not sure I want to be part of the blob.

What do?

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I Can Has Carrier?

So I’ve been dying to get a carrier pilot lately, and I sold off my 2 alts and all their belongings to get one.  ThatSourDiesel is now the proud owner of a Thanatos!  I was leaning more towards the Archon, but TSD will be in one of those in a few months, so I figured I’d rather have one of each – though some people are telling me 2 Archons beats 1 Thanny 1 Archon.  Oh well, I am still stoked on it!

Now I just need to get myself into a position where I can kill some assholes with it.  Not sure I want to join a big 0.0 alliance with it, but I would love to get some Supercap kills with mah Thanny.


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