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A Pirate’s Life For Me

So while the whole ganking of the wormhole was a great success, I decided that wormhole life wasn’t for me.  It also didn’t help that the 2nd time I had it out, I lost my 1.5b  ISK Legion I had made specifically for solo’ing C3 sites.  But I guess shit happens.  What’s sad is I learned about 2 hours before I lost mine, wuss had lost a similarly valued Proteus.  Not a great day for either of us.


So I decided to become a pirate.  I have been living out in Tama recently and have got a good number of kills for the month of September.  Not my best month on the boards ever, but I destroyed some good stuff!  I am slowly destroying my security status in the process.  I am no longer allowed into hi sec, currently I am sitting on -6.7.  Now, I have alts to bring me things so I don’t have to worry too much about not being allowed into hisec, but let me share with you my first “whoopsie” moment.

So the other day we are camping the Nouvakaiken gate in Tama, collecting a few kills here and there.  But [SNUFD]  decides to come mess with us.  A little bit of background:  the Nourv gate is the hisec entrance into Tama and on the other side is a 0.8 security system, and SNUFD is a group of guys that will not engage solo – against them, you’re guaranteed a titan bridge on top of you or that they have a blob next door.  So when SNUFD starts messing around, we warp to an offgrid safespot and align to the gate.  We mess around with them, have a couple small skirmishes but don’t lose anything.  I should mention that I am flying my shiny Abaddon right now, as I just finished training Tech 2 Large Pulse Lasers and I am itching to try them out.  So yeah, I am in a battleship, offgrid safespot, aligned to a hi sec gate.

Hey guess what?!  My phone rings!  It’s an old friend who I haven’t talked to in ages.  Now, most people would go dock up at this point, but I just take off my computer headphones, thinking that the conversation won’t take too long.  I don’t notice that after maybe 10-15 minutes I am the only one in the safespot, but I do notice shortly thereafter a SNUFD Loki landing about 13km away from me.  I am still on the phone at this point, so I quickly right click warp to gate at 0.  In hind sight, I should have warped at range, or to one of my many safespots around the gate (and I mean MANY, I went a little crazy one day…).  But Nooooo, I warped to 0.  So when I land, I see another SNUFD member there in a sturdy Abaddon, who immediately starts trying to point me.  Without thinking, I right click ->  Jump.  I bet you guys can guess what happens next.  Criminals are not allowed in Caldari space, and the NPCs made that very clear as they webbed, neuted, and blew my abaddon into bits.  Well, at least I didn’t give SNUFD an easy kill.


Note to self, dock up when the phone rings.