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I told you you weren’t going to get my stuff

**Meant to post this like 3 weeks ago, but it seems I saved it as a draft, whoops…**

So it turns out the guy trying to “recruit” me into WI. was nothing more than trying to recruitment scam me.  I was being promised lots of awesome – capital ops, possible free upgrade to a Nyx, etc.  But the dude did keep telling me that I should let them move my stuff into their space as it will be insured in case anything happens.  I had sold pretty much everything except for a few T2 cruisers, my Blops BS, and various mods, which were all able to fit into my carrier.  I told the guy that would not be necessary, I’d just jump in my carrier when the time came.  He did try to talk me into letting them move the carrier for me, but I was like, no, I’ll move it.  Oh and I’ll light my own cyno too.

By this point, I was starting to be suspicious, but I wasn’t sure as the dude had seemed pretty genuine up until that point (however, people were telling me that goons just recruitment scam people constantly).   I tried to call him out, and told him he wasn’t going to get my stuff, so he tried to tell me it was no scam, and I got invited onto the WIdot TS3 which made it also seem more legit.  I didn’t have time to hang though, so I logged in the next day and spoke to one of the recruiters who told me flat out that this person was trying to scam me.  As it turns out, Wildly Inappropriate isn’t cool with people recruitment scamming under their name.  I hung out on ts3 for a bit and was given the proper procedure to apply for the corp, and since I’m such an awesome guy, they decided to let me in.


The next day when I saw the guy trying to scam me log in, I convo’d him and said, “I told you you weren’t going to get my stuff.”  I applaud his attempt, but there was never a time I considered contracting my stuff to him.


WI Dot, Best Dot.

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