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Bye Bye Nightmare

So I got my most epic solo kill last night =)

I was out roaming in Querious in my Pilgrim, trying to find some ratters, and hadn’t been having much luck.  I camped UVHO-F for a while, as I used to live in that system months ago before Atlas. decided to stab us in the back, while watching TV but no one got bold enough to venture out to rat.  After watching a couple episodes of “Boss” (Kelsey Grammar’s new show, it’s not bad), I decided I was going to put some work in and get me a kill.

I jumped onto dotlan and started checking systems for NPC kills.  I found only one, H74-B0, which had just under 400 NPC kills in the last hour.  I made my way over there, and it was quite quiet on the journey.  When I arrived in H74, there were probably 10 or 15 people in local.  They saw me and started talking in local.

[05:28:42] Hakawau > ThatSourDiesel 0/
[05:28:46] Hakawau > whats up goon

Immediately I hit D-Scan and saw a Nightmare – I assumed at a pos, but I got a little excited.  I did a system scan and there was only 1 haven within D-Scan range of the gate, so I warped to it at 70km, and landed 8km off the Nightmare.  I immediately dropped my cloak, pointed him, and began neuting him.  He must not have been in fleet, because he started crying in local.

[05:29:04] Shinoba Kahn > im tackled

He was dropping pretty quick, but his friends were trying to get their shit together to come help him, but I was not deterred.

[05:29:12] Hakawau > fleet me
[05:29:18] Hakawau > we’ll kill this goon
[05:29:46] kaspa101 > ?
[05:30:05] ez caper > invite pls
[05:32:07] Hakawau > Hakawau’s Fleet now

At this point, an Apoc landed at zero on the Nightmare to try and help him.  Silly Apoc.  By this point I knew the Nightmare’s cap was fully drained, so I put my Tracking Disruptor on the Apoc and he couldn’t touch me.  The only damage on me was that of 10 light drones.  My Pilgrim’s buffer tank was holding, for now.  They were still crying for help though.

[05:32:12] Hakawau > warp to me, kill this faggot

As the Nightmare entered structure, a drake warped in and added to the damage, as well as pointed me.  It’s not like I was going to warp out at this point though, I wanted that fucking Nightmare kill.  Right as I was about 10-15% armor, BOOM, the Nightmare popped.  I was so ecstatic I just cheered out loud and watched with a big smile as my Pilgrim exploded.  Finally, I felt it was time I say something in local.

[05:33:15] ThatSourDiesel > WOTRH IT
[05:33:17] ThatSourDiesel > HAHAHAHA
[05:33:23] ThatSourDiesel > suck on that
[05:33:31] ThatSourDiesel > bye bye nightmare

They managed to get a point on my pod before I could get it out of there, but I didn’t care.  I lost 2 +3 implants and a 3% CPU implant, but combined that with my ship I only lost ~225m while the Nightmare kill was about 1.5b.  Seems like a fair trade to me.

In the end, I popped the Nightmare as it became 3v1, and 2 more showed up too late to help him.  By far my best solo kill.

Oh, and I sent the Nightmare pilot an evemail right after where I requested his cooperation with a survey.  I have yet to hear back.

From: ThatSourDiesel
Sent: 2011.11.16 05:44
To: Shinoba Kahn,

For the purpose of on-going quality control can you take time to fill out the following survey. Please tick all that apply and send it back to us.

How hard would you say you were ganked?
[ ] Too Hard [ ] Very Hard [ ] Just Right

How angry are you?
[ ] F**king Furious [ ] Extremely Angry [ ] In Denial

How will you pay for a new ship?
[ ] Buy more ISK [ ] Ebay [ ] General Carebearing

Will you be using us again?
[ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] F**k You!

Thank you,

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