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So I joined Merciless. because they seemed like it might be a better fit for me in terms of what I’ve always been looking for as far as PvP goes – aka, “good fites”.  Though, a part of me still wants to be able to use the Thanatos in combat situations – I know, I know, carriers are more logistics than combat, but you know what?  I don’t care.  I want to hot drop someone.  Badly.  I’ve been on the receiving end of the hot drop ass rape many times, and now it’s my turn to be the Top.  I also want to get in on supercap kills – hell I’ll even pick up a Moros for that too.  I just feel like I will use it less in Merciless. than I would in Goons.  Though I don’t know that for sure.  I did hear the Merciless alliance leader say that carriers “are tools, not toys”.  Damnit, I didn’t spend 14b on a pilot and a fully fit Thanny for it to be a sort of jump freighter (though I have found that aspect to be EXTREMELY awesome).  I want a big toy.  Speaking of spending 14b, I am now COMPLETELY broke.  I liquidated most of my assets to get this pilot.  In terms of ISK I think I have like 50m – I haven’t had this little ISK in like 9 months.  Asset wise I am still rich, I do have like 5 or 6 T2 Cruisers, a Fully fit carrier, a battleship stuck out in Stain, a few battlecruisers, and a Faction Fit Blops boat (which also needs to hot drop something).

So yeah, I joined Merciless. which has made me red to Goonswarm, though I convinced the recruiter to let me have a few days to see how I like it – if I decide Merciless isn’t for me he thinks he can still swing it and get me into WI.  So we’ll see how that goes.

I did go a on a roam last night, but Tribute and Vale of the Silent were quiet as hell!  We did get to kill a bustard though – it seems he was in a Legion of xXDeathXx renting corp and they got booted so he was trying to move all his stuff out.  He tried to ask for mercy in local right as he landed on our sabre bubble – I guess he didn’t look at our alliance name.  Oh, and we podded him too.  I was happy, I got to take my Curse out on a roam for the first time in a long time.  God I love that ship…

So Sexy...

Anywho, I am not sure the point of this blog post, I just felt like writing something that is not for my Operating Systems class project.  God these projects are killing me.  I might have to cancel a date tonight if I don’t finish this up in time.  Shit, maybe I should stop posting on this blog then…

Oh, and you should all check out this video:  Snuff Boxing.  This was the corp I mentioned I almost lost my baddon to before I jumped into hi sex like a lemming.  I found it the other day, it’s pretty sweet – these guys are pretty damn good.  And now I want a neut Legion.

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