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Came for the lulz, Stayed for the ISK.


So, inaugural blog post.  I guess I’ll start off with probably my best eve story so far.  While nothing new to the world of Eve, it was my first time being part of a plan that was strategically implemented to bring down another corporation and ultimately steal their Class 3 Wormhole.

After being out in 0.0 for the better part of a year, our alliance got muscled out when our blues reset us.  It was kind of sad, as I had lots of fun down in Querious and was looking forward to becoming an Alliance FC.  Once we lost our sov, the alliance fell apart and we all moved on.  My CEO and his right hand decided it was time for them to take a break, and after a bit of drama we left that corporation and 6 of us formed our own corp – First Encounter Action Response Pilots [.F3AR].  “Wuss,” “Urway,” and myself are the directors and it was time to figure out what we wanted to do.  I wanted to find an area of lowsec or maybe a group in null sec to go join and continue pvp’ing, but Urway and his friends had been living in a C1 wormhole with some decent statics and were really liking it.  Wuss and myself had never done wormholes and were intrigued, so we decided as a corp that perhaps we should think of moving into a good wormhole if we found one.  I wasn’t too interested in running sites, even though they are good ISK.  What I was really looking forward to were the constant null and low sec wormholes through which I could (hopefully) get some good kills and some good fights.

Right around this time, Wuss also decided that he wanted to try his hand at corp infiltration and he found a corp that lived in a really solid C3 that was just a group of huge carebears.  They barely even ran combat sites – they mostly mined gas and ore from the Ladar and Grav sites.  Wuss decided he would see if we could take their wormhole.  Long story short, he was in that corp for over a month, building their trust.  He tried to get Starbase Config roles by saying he wanted to put up his own tower to do research with an alt, but the best they would give him were Starbase Fuel rights – probably because they had limited one of the Ship Maintanence Arrays to only people with config rights and there were some shiny ships in there.  They said when he was ready, they’d online the tower but he’d be able to maintain it and keep it running.  This new development, coupled with the fact that there was a lucky hisec wormhole active, enticed us to go ahead with our plan.  Unfortunately we couldn’t just unanchor their tower, but we could pull all the fuel and stront and let it go offline, then shoot it down.

I loaded up my alt’s Orca with a large Amarr Tower, plenty of guns, and other necessary modules, and got it into position near the hi sec exit.  Wuss had figured out that most of these guys were offline by 10 or 11pm PST  so we aimed to be shooting the pos by midnight.  We waited, and waited, and finally everyone logged off.  We began to make our move.  We jumped in 8 battleships plus the Orca and safed up.  We dropped a medium tower just in case we were jumped while shooting the POS while waiting for the fuel tick to come on the victim’s tower.  Five minutes before the tick, we pulled the fuel.

As expected, the tower went offline 5 minutes later and we all warped into it at 0.  That’s where the “fun” began.  For those of you that have never done it, taking down a large tower with only 8 battleships isn’t a task that one completes quickly.  For the first 2 hours, we were stoked.  We were riding the high of what we were doing and how when these guys logged in the next day, they were in for a nasty surprise.  By the 4th hour, we were all getting distracted and I know at least on my other alt’s tempest, I missed a few gun cycles (Thankfully Diesel is an Amarr pilot – crystals ftw!).

Yummy mods for the taking!

Look at all the goodies.

 We were almost done with the shields when downtime came, but we charged through it and kept going, until finally the tower popped.  Unfotunately, nothing of real value dropped from the Ship Maintanence Arrays (I know at least one Navy Scorpion didn’t make it) except for 5 drakes and a bunch of smaller ships, or from the mobile labs for that matter either.  But it was still pirate booty and it was pretty sweet.

Hey man, can I have your stuff when you leave?

By the time we were onlining our own tower, it was something like 5 or 6 in the morning for me and I had to be somewhere at 9am, so I tried to just power through it, but ultimately I fell asleep while waiting for the tower to online and I lost a hauler with some pos fuel.  We were okay, but it got really close to offlining on us a couple days later while we were waiting for a safe-ish wormhole to get some fuel in through.  But that mistake aside, it was a complete success!

We put up our tower in the exact spot they had theirs, which worked out nicely as the next day when they all logged on, our tower got a few kills.  It took them the better part of a day to figure out what happened and who the culprit was, but they still had to remove Wuss’s roles so he got to sit in corp chat while they all bitched and moaned hehehe.   A couple of their guys congratulated us on what we did though, while it changed things up for them, they had to agree it was a pretty sweet ploy.


Medals All Around!



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